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The dangers of smoking are no secret. Just about everyone now knows that even occasional smokers are at higher risk of developing lung cancer, emphysema, and many other diseases. We also know that second-hand smoke can harm the health of our family and friends.

Despite these well-known risk factors, many smokers find it hard to kick the habit. This is in part due to the fact that nicotine withdrawal is one of the most difficult challenges smokers face when they quit.

Symptoms may include feelings of irritability, dizziness, mild chest pains, fatigue and difficulty concentrating; as well as nausea and abdominal upset, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and more. Some of these symptoms are due to the emotional and psychological separation from smoking, but more often than not the body's dependence on nicotine sets the newly reformed smoker up for serious discomfort that can last for weeks.

The good news is if you've
been thinking about quitting smoking but are hesitant to ingest chemicals and nicotine from stop smoking aids, there are plenty of natural methods such as cold laser therapy for smoke cessation available to help you quit smoking without harmful chemicals and the side effects that often come along with them.

Medical Smoking Cessation Program

Developed specifically for those people who are serious about kicking the habit FOR REAL, our medical smoke cessaion program and quit smoking laser treatments will help you quit smoking and have you on the road to a smoke-free life after just one visit!  All for a cost that's less than the average smokers monthly cigarette bill. We do this by not only helping you overcome your smoking habit, but by also providing you with the necessary tools and quit smoking support to help you stay smoke-free for life! To schedule a FREE Quit Smoking Now Consultation, call 973-664-7891 or visit our contact us page.
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Still not convinced that NOW is the time to stop...

If You Want Another Reason To Stop Smoking...Try Vanity!
 Kick The Habit Now and Avoid "Cigarette Face" Later!

That's right, smoking is not only bad for your health, but it depletes your skin of its vitality, leaving it looking pale and "tired" in appearance. In fact, smokers get more wrinkles than nonsmokers and they get them at a younger age! This is attributed largely to the over 4,000 chemical compounds produced when tobacco burns and its smoke is inhaled or comes in contact with your skin. Believe it or not, when it comes to the face, the American Medical Association even has a name for this smoke-induced appearance; it's called Cigarette Face. So, by kicking the habit now you'll diminish future damage to your face.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself...

"Okay, if I stop smoking now that you will help prevent future damage to my skin but what about the damage that smoking has already caused?"

Well, we can help in that department as well...

Join The Stop Smoking Now Program Today and Not Only Will We Help You Kick the Habit in Just 21 Days or Less But You'll Also Receive a FREE Anti-Aging Skin Treatment!
($75 value)

That’s right, when you finish the Stop Smoking NOW Medical Intervention Program, not only will you enjoy the many, many health benefits that comes with being an ex-smoker, but you will also receive a FREE "Look & Feel Your Best” Anti-Aging Skin Treatment to give your skin a more radiant glow while helping reduce the appearance of smoke related wrinkles. So, not only will you feel better, you’ll look better too!

Our Commitment To Helping You Become a Non-Smoker...

We understand that unexpected troubles do happen in life causing a ex-smoker to pick up the habit again. So, if for some reason you "fall off the wagon" within a year of completing the four steps of our Stop Smoking NOW Medical Intervention Program, simply call our office and we will get you in and back on course with a complimentary follow up consult & laser treatment. How about that for a satisfaction guarantee!

Let Us Help You Live a Smoke Free Life,
Schedule Your FREE Quit Smoking Now Consultation Today!

To schedule a FREE Quit Smoking Now Consultation,
visit the contact us page or to order your FREE copy of the Looking Good, Feeling Great medical report: Stop Smoking NOW...a New Medical Approach to Kicking the Habit, click here now. We think you’ll be thoroughly convinced that this program is truly priceless...and just think about the potential rewards a smoke-free life will bring to you and those you love.

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Stop Smoking Now

"Love the Skin Care for Anti-Aging"

I just wanted to say I love this Antiaging Skin Care line. I've spent so much money on skin care products that did not work, left my skin either greasy or dried out.

This line has improved the texture and lines on my face. The first night I used the glycolic cleanser it did such a great job of exfoliating skin. I was skeptical at first thinking here we go again, but the results were great!! The Retinol helped my large pores improve and diminish in size. The cream is not greasy, won't clog your pores.

Love this line and I'm a happy customer.


Dr Shah

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