October Is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Nutritional Changes Can Make a Difference.

October Breast Cancer AwarenessBreast Cancer Awareness Month: How to Create a Breast Cancer Prevention Diet Plan as Part of your Total Body Wellness Program to Help Reduce Your Cancer Risk At Every Stage of Life.

Cancer is a disease that we all wish didn’t exist. It ravages the body and the lives of those around the sufferer. No one can predict who will and who won’t get cancer, but one way that you can reduce your risk of certain kinds of cancers is through watching your nutritional intake as part of your breast cancer prevention diet plan. Call 973-664-7891 to schedule an appointment at our center. At that time you will learn more about our healthy diet plans for women

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Weight Loss Center New Jersey Shares Heart Healthy Tips for Women

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Weight Loss Center in New Jersey Shares Heart Healthy Tips for Women...

Most women do not know this fact, but the number one killer disease of women is not breast cancer; it is heart disease. Armed with this fact, women today need to be more attune to their bodies, what they put into it, and how they use it. That's why at our wellness and weight loss center in New Jersey, we emphasize proper nutrition, exercise, sleep and lifestyle modifications in our total body wellness program for women.

To read some of our healthy heart tips for women, continue reading now. To schedule an appointment at our weight loss center in New Jersey, click here now or visit the medical weight loss section of our website for a description of our weight loss program in New Jersey. With our medical weight loss program you can lose 21 pounds or more in just 10 weeks or less while eating real foods you buy at your local store! Call 973-664-7891 to speak to one of our wellness coordinators.

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Quit Smoking Laser Treatments

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Quit Smoking Laser Treatment Cost: A Small Price to Pay for Renewed Health

Quit Smoking Laser Treatment cost in NJ is less than the average smoker's monthly cigarette bill.

The World Health Organization estimates that tobacco usage causes 5.4 million deaths world wide; known consequences of smoking include lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and emphysema. But besides the health risks associated with smoking, there are economic costs as well. For instance, each state actually spends about 8% of their total expenditures for the maintenance and cure of smoking related sicknesses.  And if you smoke just one pack of cigarettes a day, you’re spending about $3,000 each year to keep your nicotine habit going! And if you've smoked 10 years… that’s would have cost you $30,000!

Fortunately, the cost of our Stop Smoking Cessation Programs and Quit Smoking Laser Treatments (Quit Smoking Laser NJ) is less than the average smokers monthly cigarette bill which is a small price to pay for renewed health! To get started, call 973-664-7891 or contact us today for a FREE Quit Smoking Laser Treatment Consultation.

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The Food - Pain Connection

Pain ReliefThere's an epidemic that's circulating the globe and it's one that seems to be taking all of us by surprise. I'm talking about the epidemic of obesity!

A poor diet can indirectly have a negative effect on joint health as it increases inflammation in the body. For instance, excessive consumption of dairy products, meat and refined starchy carbohydrates such as white flour and sugars can actually make inflammation worse by increasing the production of what are know as prostaglandins which are potent triggers of pain.

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Common Medical Conditions That Can Cause Weight Gain

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Medical Weight Loss Plans Sussex County:  Understanding Common Medical Conditions That Can Cause Weight Gain...

There are many medical weight loss plans in Sussex County. If you've joined one of them and have followed a balanced, low calorie diet while exercising 30 minutes a day for a few weeks but aren't losing weight, it's advisable to seek medical assistance to determine if a medical condition is the reason.

Here are just a few conditions that could cause issues with your weight...

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Body Focus System Weight Loss Success

I'm a 40 something year old guy that over the last 10 years has slowly but surely gained weight. I have never been the type of guy to diet, but after having to go for sleep apnea testing, starting medication to control my high blood pressure, and being 40 pounds overweight, found it was time to do something.

I went to a Body Focus System seminar to hear what they had to say and I was surprised. The Detox is what really got my attention. I had always wanted to try a detox, but did not like the thought of having only liquids or having to drink some crazy mixture that tasted like who knows what.

I decided to sign up and give this "diet" a try. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I did! Let me first tell you about the detox. I started with the fruit detox in August and from the first day there was more to eat than I ever expected. I always assumed a diet would be about eating food you don't like and trying to forget about how hungry you are. With the detox, there were days that I was eating a snack before I was even hungry. I lost over 7 pounds during the detox eating fruits that I like and not feeling hungry at all.

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Alex D. / Columbia NJ

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