New Year’s Resolution: Starting a Fitness Regimen You Can Stick With

Fitness_classIf you’re hoping to make some healthy changes beginning January 1, you’re not alone.

Losing weight and getting healthy rank in the top five New Year’s Resolutions each year.

This year, why not try some of these suggestions for how to start a fitness regimen you can stick with?...

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How to Prevent Your Weight from Going Up This Holiday Season...

Watch_What_You_EatHoliday weight gain is often accepted as part of the season.

Depending on what holidays you celebrate, the high-calorie treats can start at the end of October and go through to Valentine's Day!

But if you implement a few smart eating strategies and regular exercise to your holiday routine, weight gain does not have to be inevitable.

Keep reading now as I share with you some tips for avoiding weight gain this holiday season...

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Keep Colds and Flu at Bay This Winter

natural_cold_remediesNo one wants to get a cold or the flu this winter.

As the season comes upon us, many people want to prevent these annoying illnesses from taking hold.

While there is no magic formula to prevent all illness, there are some things you can do to lower your risk of contracting colds and flu.

Here are some tips...

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Sneaky Calories - Foods to Avoid if You Want to Lose Weight

Weight_Loss_Secrets_Avoid_Soda_Some calories can be really sneaky - you don't necessarily feel full after eating foods with these calories, but your body is faced with having to burn off as many calories as if you'd eating a big meal (or several big meals!).

So where are these sneaky calories, and how can you avoid them?

Here are some foods and beverages that you may not suspect as preventing weight loss.

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Breast Cancer: How to Reduce Your Risk

cancerawarenessWhile cancer is a complex illness, new research has pointed to environmental and lifestyle factors that may increase or reduce the risk of breast cancer. In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here are some tips to help reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Keep a Healthy Weight -  Obesity is associated not only with increased breast cancer risk, but also with increased risk of recurrence. This may be due, in part, to the excess estrogen and other hormonal imbalances that are associated with obesity. According to various sources, overweight, menopausal women are at the greatest risk. So a regular exercise routine and healthful diet to keep excess weight at bay are good lifestyle choices. If you're looking to start a weight loss program choosing the right diet is key. As part of our program, we create a custom meal plan for you to follow online or on-the-go using our EZDietPlanner & Fitness Tracker™

Choose Safe Beauty Products
- Beware of the "toxic trio": formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. These chemicals are often used in nail polish and nail polish remover, as well as other cosmetics. These are implicated in the development of cancer, so steer clear of them whenever you can. As a general rule, it's probably best to choose cosmetics with the fewest ingredients possible, and with as few synthetic ones as possible. Deodorant, due to its proximity to the breasts, is of particular concern - experts recommend aluminum-free deodorants. You may wish to go a step farther and avoid deodorants with any synthetic ingredients (effective ones are now widely available). Beware of the vague term "fragrance" on cosmetics. That could mean any number of scent-producing chemicals, some of which are implicated in cancer.

Minimize the Use of Plastics Plastics - Plastics, especially heated, worn, or damaged plastics, may leach chemicals into the food or liquids they contain. Some of these chemicals, such as BPA, are strongly implicated in the development of breast cancer, probably due to their tendency to disrupt hormones. Sources note that heating plastics is particularly likely to release these chemicals, which is why many of these same sources advise women to cover foods with a paper towel rather than plastic wrap before heating. To minimize your plastics exposure, carry your own stainless steel water bottle, look for "BPA Free" plastics, and store and reheat food in glass or ceramic containers. Also, limit your consumption of canned food, as BPA is found in many canned foods.

Eat Healthy Foods - Healthy oils, particularly fish oils, are said to protect against breast cancer. Taking supplements and/or eating bi-weekly (at least) portions of fish like salmon and sardines may be a key preventative of breast cancer. In addition, experts agree that lots of organic, fresh fruits and vegetables are keys to cancer prevention, as are hormone-free meats and dairy products.

If you'd like to improve the way you look and feel I invite you to learn more about the Body Focus Total Body Wellness Program offered at our office. To schedule a FREE Weight Control Evaluation, give our office a call.

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Body Focus System Weight Loss Success

I'm a 40 something year old guy that over the last 10 years has slowly but surely gained weight. I have never been the type of guy to diet, but after having to go for sleep apnea testing, starting medication to control my high blood pressure, and being 40 pounds overweight, found it was time to do something.

I went to a Body Focus System seminar to hear what they had to say and I was surprised. The Detox is what really got my attention. I had always wanted to try a detox, but did not like the thought of having only liquids or having to drink some crazy mixture that tasted like who knows what.

I decided to sign up and give this "diet" a try. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I did! Let me first tell you about the detox. I started with the fruit detox in August and from the first day there was more to eat than I ever expected. I always assumed a diet would be about eating food you don't like and trying to forget about how hungry you are. With the detox, there were days that I was eating a snack before I was even hungry. I lost over 7 pounds during the detox eating fruits that I like and not feeling hungry at all.

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Alex D. / Columbia NJ

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